We have Bible Correspondence Courses that are available to help you study the Bible and learn more about God, His plan of salvation and His Son, Jesus.  The lessons are based only on the Bible.  You can go at your own speed and stop at any time.

These courses are completely free to the student. Your name and address will ONLY be used for mailing the lessons to you and will NEVER be shared, sold or given to anyone else.  At any time you may request a personal Bible study.

 We hope to hear from you so we can share the GOOD NEWS about God and His Son, Jesus Christ with you. We have lessons for adults and teens available.

The lessons available are as follows:

8 lessons - John Hurt (available by mail only through us) 
1. The Old Testament
2. New Testament
3. Rightly Dividing the Word
4. Faith and Works
5. Becoming a Christian
6. Acceptable Worship God
7. The New Testament Church
8. You can be Just a Christian

8 lessons - World Bible School (available by mail through us and online through WBS - see below)
1. God Has Spoken
2. Knowing Jesus
3. Born of Water and Spirit
4. The Family of God
5. Living a Life of Love
6. This is Good News
7. The Christian Life
8. The Church

15 Lessons for Teens and Adults (available by mail or e-mail attachment through us)
1. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Saviour
2. The Miracles of Jesus
3. Jesus – The Beatitudes
4. Jesus – What He said about Himself
5. God’s Promises Part 1
6. God’s Promises Part 2
7. God’s Creation
8. God’s Way is always the Best Way
9. Why Are We on the Earth?
10. Why Should we Believe the Bible – Part 1 – Jesus Believed It!
11. Why Should we Believe the Bible – Part 2 – Prophesies
12. Why Should we Believe the Bible – Part 3 - Historical Accuracy of the Bible
13. Why Should we Believe the Bible – Part 4 - Unity of the Bible
14. Why Should we Believe the Bible – Part 5 - Bible Has Been Very Well Preserved
15. God Has Preserved His Church Since the Day of Pentecost


For additional information or to request the lessons, please visit www.correspondencecourse.webs.com
You can also e-mail us at correspondencecourse@yahoo.ca or phone 604-588-6717

We will send the lessons world-wide.  All our lessons are in English.

The procedure is as follows:

* when we receive a request for the lessons, we mail the lesson to the address provided along with a self-address return envelope and instructions
* the student answers the questions and returns them in the envelope provided 
* the answers will be marked and mailed back to the student along with the next lesson and self-addressed envelope 
* there is no deadline for completing the lessons so the student can go at his/her own speed 
* "A Certificate of Recognition" will be sent upon completion of each of the World Bible School lessons and "Certificate of Completion" will be sent when * * the other two series are completed 
* the students are encouraged to ask questions


If you would prefer Bible correspondence lessons in another language, please contact World Bible School www.worldbibleschool.org. You can contact them or send the request to me (in English) with the name and address and language required.

You can also learn English through studying the Bible. Please visit World English Institute www.worldenglishinstitute.org.  
All lessons are free to the student.