Irritations in our life
Become a test in our strife
Try to pass this heavy test
You will have peace and rest
In your soul, in your heart
Jesus died for that part
What a blessing it is to know
That His life did teach us so
What a blessing it is to be
That His blood can make us free
In a life of temptations
And His life for our salvation
What a love and grace He gave
For our sins, so we are save

If you hear God’s voice
Tell someone so he too could rejoice
Together obey the Father’s will
Walk together up that hill
Keep on walking, reach the top
Do not look back and never stop
Your reward will be great
In your walking, show faith
Listen to this call of love
Walk together to reach above.

You have a lot of memories when you are old
Many things can be told
Some are good, some are bad
Some are joyful, and some are sad
Remember the good old days
More peaceful in many ways
People had patience and slow was the pace
Now everyone is in a race
What do you learn from the past
Nowadays everything goes fast
What is important in life to know
After this life where do you go
God’s creation is all around you
Truth you must pursue

One of our senior members is a gifted poet and has agreed to share his poems on here

. Poems by Gerry