Were Hiring

.Surrey church of Christ is looking for a full time Minister and Evangelist. We are a conservative congregation with a rich multicultural mix of congregants. We also have a good mix of youth, young families and seniors. We strive to be faithful to the Lord and His Word, and passionate about sharing God’s love to our community and abroad.
We are located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and would be pleased to review your resume. A video introduction as well as sample sermon on video would be appreciated.

Member of the church of Christ. Strong faith and commitment to the call of serving the Lord as a pulpit minister and evangelist. Excellent interpersonal skills, both verbal and written, as well as a demonstrated ability to lead Bible studies, organize activities, communicate ideas and use time effectively. A Ministry degree with a Bible major is preferred, but applicants without a degree who have demonstrated successful ministry experience will be considered. Possess a proven evangelism and ministry track record with at least 5 years experience. We would prefer a married person as well.


Interpersonal Skills – approachable, builds constructive and effective relationships; uses diplomacy and tact in tense situations; has a style that puts others at ease

Biblical Knowledge – a proficient knowledge of the Bible and the ability to apply biblical principles to current culture.

Communication – clearly conveys information and ideas through a variety of media to the Church in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.

Collaboration – works effectively and cooperatively with others; establishes and maintains relationships with a spirit of humility.

Continuous Learning and Development – possess a deep desire for continuous personal growth; regularly creating and taking advantage of learning opportunities (e.g. personal study, reading, courses, conferences, seeking counsel with Elders and other ministers). 

Leadership – effective servant leader. Models the vision of the Church and Eldership and motivates others to take action in support of the vision.

Planning and Organizing – establishes courses of action to ensure that work is completed efficiently. Ability to prioritize, schedule, maintain focus, and follow through to completion.

Work Standards – sets high standards for excellence and quality; assumes responsibility and accountability for successfully completing tasks and objectives. 

Self-motivated, initiates action and goes beyond routine requirements.
Please forward your resume to churchofchristinsurrey@gmail.com  and place “Minister” in the subject line.