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Bible studies

  • The purpose of life is to know God -- John 17:3
  • Studying the Bible teaches who God is, and as you study with an open heart, the word is a seed that changes your life. You become more like Jesus!
  • Happy studying!

Many Bible study options

Select one or more of these Bible study options:


GOSPEL FLIP-CHARTS: This is a fantastic tool for sharing the Gospel. Share the complete Gospel message in as little as 15-minutes. Download this PDF and print as many copies as you choose. Sow the seed!


CORRESPONDENCE COURSES: We have FREE Bible lessons which will help you find the answers. You can learn at home and go at your own pace.  The courses are available online and by mail and by email.


FACE-TO-FACE: Perhaps you have specific Bible and life problems and would like to meet with someone. Please fill in the contact form and we will be happy to listen to and pray with you.


WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL: Learning from the Bible should be enjoyable, not a burden. There are no time limits and no schedules, so feel free to take the courses as you have time.

Cost: No cost to you.

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NEW HEART AND MIND: Choose from over 100 short videos on a wide variety of topics like: God's existence, depression, tongues, the Bible, abortion, predestination, hope, and many more.

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